what are 5 advantages of creating a website for your business

what are 5 advantages of creating a website for your business

In this blog, We shall find out what are 5 advantages of creating a website for your business. A quality website has many advantages for developing your business or your professional activity. This article explores the most important aspects to consider in order to achieve a successful online presence.

Before embarking on creating or redesigning your website, it is important to assess the business objectives of the site, in terms of professional image and customer acquisition.

This article is based on my professional experience as a web designer and SEO specialist on Google. I come from academia and the written word. I also taught English for over ten years, before immersing myself intensely in internet and website technologies in 2012. In 2013, I founded Presence internet as a freelance. This was the starting point for many experiences with clients for whom I have created websites and whom I have helped in developing their visibility online. I have worked with small structures, medium-sized SMEs, independents, associations, and a theater company. These experiences have been very diverse. Yet there is a series of constants that emerge. A series of advantages. A list of focal points that crystallize the added value of a website for a business or any type of entity looking to make an impact online.

what are 5 advantages of creating a website for your business?

1) A better professional image :

The first benefit of a great website is the professional image of your business. When someone hears about a business, they’ll take a look at the website to confirm or deny what they’ve heard. It’s a reflex that has become almost reptilian. For my part, if I have a conversation with someone who tells me about their business, I will take a look at their website to see what the hell is all about.

I breathe from the website from night to morning. In 20 or 30 seconds I can get an idea of when the website was created based on its visual appearance, I see how well it adapts to mobile screen formats and I can report if the texts are well written, if the concept of business has a particular angle that differentiates it.

After 30 seconds, I decide to extend my exploration of the website in question – or on the contrary to leave it forever to go about my digital homework. This 30-second attention credit the site earned because a human being enthusiastically told me about their business or business.

Appearance plays a role. The first impression plays an important role, especially in the context of the few seconds your site has to convince a digital passerby to stop longer and decide to start crawling your pages.

If you want to redesign your website or create your first business website, it makes sense to invest in the work of a professional graphic designer who knows web standards in 2018.what are 5 advantages of creating a website for your business. A web graphic designer (worthy of the name) will be able to adapt (or create from scratch) your visual identity to the versatile context of the web, so that your website is available harmoniously on the different media or terminals (large screens, tablets, mobiles) that will be used by your visitors. We are talking about responsive design or, in good French, adaptive websites

what are 5 advantages of creating a website for your business

2) Generate interest :

what your website has to offer. If the visitor arrived from Google, they most likely just did a search with concrete intent. In 80% of cases, he is looking for information. When it lands on your site, it will assess in seconds whether your website content matches or responds to what it is looking for. If he decides so, he will stay and begin a more in-depth visit. If he decides he doesn’t, he returns to Mother Google to follow further links to other possibilities.

A good website is a website that knows how to retain visitors. This is called (in the Webinois language of marketing) a retention rate, which is the opposite of a bounce rate.

The problem is, what are 5 advantages of creating a website for your business, it’s not enough for your website to contain material that meets the interests of the visitor. He must also realize it in less than 10 seconds. It is for this reason that it is essential that he can orient himself very quickly in the content and navigation of the site. From this perspective, the role of the home page is fundamental. It should allow a new visitor to understand in a few seconds the purpose of the entire website and access, through links integrated in a visual navigation logic, the main sections of your activity or your offer. The essential role of your home page is to decide the visitor to click on a link to enter further into the contents of your website. It is a sort of entrance hall.

3) Your visitors should be converted to your costumers:

There are all kinds of websites that serve all kinds of functions and serve all kinds of purposes. There is room for (almost) everything on the web, from the high-end graphics site inspired by a super-trendy design to the showcase site consisting of a single page containing a schedule and an address. contact for a butcher’s shop (or a nougat store, if you live in Montélimar).

Yet in most of the scenarios we have encountered, one of the goals of the website is to turn (so to speak) any visitors into potential customers who are willing to use your services. This shift from raw traffic (the number of visitors to the site, for example per month) to a smaller number of potential customers who make contact is called (in websites) a conversion.

4) Visibility:

In our experience, companies that invest resources in redesigning, optimizing or developing the design and content of their website do so primarily to increase the visibility of their business. First, you have to worry about the retention and conversion rate of visitors, otherwise, it is futile to work to increase website traffic. What is the point of sending traffic to a website that no one else is interested in offering?

On the other hand, what are 5 advantages of creating a website for your business once the commercial part of the website is solidly established, with a good conversion rate, it is time to work on acquiring traffic. A well-ranked site on Google is an amazing way to continuously generate sales (if you have an online store) or leads interested in your service offering. This is the fourth benefit of a great website, which we will explore in this section.

The concept of growing your website’s visibility is important. A website without traffic, with few visitors, regardless of the quality of its design, the intelligence of its ergonomics and the depth of its subject matter, will have no impact. Your website needs to be able to grab the attention of your visitors and turn them into people interested in your products or services. Yet, in and of itself, this ability is of no use if no one finds your website

5) Develop your audience:

The raw visibility is not the most decisive thing, however. If you are selling golf clubs, you have every interest in developing a website that attracts golfers. Your conversion rate will be much better than if you attract a majority of anglers (although some may also golf).

This is why your visibility effort should be thought out in terms of your target audience. This is what we call a hearing. She has her own tastes and preferences.

This is why a self-respecting website redesign or creation project does not start with the design and graphics, but with a reflection on your business model and its articulation with your target audience (s) and their particularities.

For your conversion rate to improve, not only must your offer be interesting (= your business model must be relevant), but you must be able to translate, to integrate your business concept at the level of a website.

For this reason, it is crucial that your website manages to digitally embody your business model in a convincing way. Worrying about increasing your traffic before you’ve made the effort to articulate your digital strategy and your business model will get you nowhere.

The world of the web is a world of information sharing. You have to share your expertise to reign. Which means that an information-rich website is the best way to increase your visibility with your audience.

what are 5 advantages of creating a website for your business, The reflection on the spatial organization of your content, their structuring and their integration into a coherent navigation logic that is easily understood by a new visitor constitutes the heart of what we call semantic ergonomics. The term ergonomics comes etymologically from the ancient Greek ἔργον (work) and νόμος (law). Ergonomics is therefore the law of work, the rules allowing smoother, more efficient work. Traditionally, ergonomics is a science applied to the work environment. It is a concept that has developed since the industrialization era (19th century). what are 5 advantages of creating a website for your business . In the context of the web, ergonomics refers in particular to the quality of the navigation elements and the actual experience of website users.

We call it semantic ergonomics because a website is essentially made up of textual and visual content that conveys meaning, a message. If the industrial age was characterized by the efficient production of objects and products, today we live in a different paradigm. For most of us, the heart, the essence of our work is about processing, structuring and enriching information. This is the case with the accountant. From the lawyer. From the secretary. This is the case with the tax collector and the engineer. Everyone processes information, transforms it, synthesizes it, unless they are busy creating new information. We sit from night to morning in front of our computers (the term comes from the idea of “ordering” and creating order; see the very interesting etymological notice on the Wikipedia page). From evening to morning, we click on icons, search for information, write emails …

Knowledge work, on knowledge, around knowledge has become the heart of modern work. We have become knowledge workers. To solve business problems, we need answers that we look for on the web. As a business, you have some of the answers that people are already looking for. This is where the great opportunity for your business to grow through your website lies. By answering the questions that thousands of people are already asking.

Semantic ergonomics is an approach based on the idea that the navigation elements of your website (menus, clickable elements) must be structured spatially according to a semantic logic that the visitor can easily understand. A well-thought-out design must serve your content (the semantics of your site) by taking into account the different terminals in which your visitors will access your website (computers, tablets, mobile).

Of course, what are 5 advantages of creating a website for your business, the wow effect (due to good graphics) has its (marginal) role to play. But the key to successfully retaining visitors to your site is to have a visual organization of navigation elements that is clear and intuitive. The ability of your site to direct visitors to what they are looking for will play an important role in helping them find what they are looking for and convince themselves (in less than 10 seconds, if possible) that your site meets his expectations.

A website with poorly organized content, tangled menu, and scattered information will discourage your visitors – no matter how sumptuous it is and its content is very interesting. I personally have a very low tolerance threshold for unnecessary twists and turns in the organization of content (but this is undoubtedly a professional fault).

The second benefit of a quality website is knowing how to engage your visitors and be able to persuade them to spend a little more time on your digital property. While traditional marketing channels are oversaturated, this presents a huge opportunity.

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