How to update your laptop

7 ways How to update your laptop (Updated 2021)

Hey guys we’re just showing you a quick blog today to show you how to update your laptop often times with a lot of diagnostics or people messaging in for help the first thing we tell them to do with a lot of problems is to make sure their updates are all run so just a quick blog to let you know how to do that if some people out there don’t know how to do that then this way we have a video we can send them it’s fairly simple get to your desktop come down here to the search bar okay well zoom in a little bit I just come down here the search bar type in updates so this is what we’re looking for this popped up check for updates under system settings that’s what we’re looking for that’ll come up quickly or not quickly depending on the speed of your computer that’s what I’m looking for so click on that alright enter the system settings box will come up with the updates already selected ok windows update so right here updates available so that’s good this is a new install of Windows 10.

There’s gonna be a lot of updates we just installed it but if you don’t see this or if it says there are no updates available don’t necessarily believe that it’s not live so if it says no updates are available there’ll be a button here to manually check so hit that and very often you will see updates even if it says there no updates available so in our case it found them which again is no surprise it’s a fresh installed windows and as you can see some are listed as pending install pending install this one is downloading its 100% downloaded so that will switch over to installing in a couple seconds see touch screen is weird with the scroll so let me just scroll down here as you can see there is a lot of them you may not have this many unless you just did a fresh install just so you’re aware if for any reason you do see some and they say pending install and they’re not installing it could be that they haven’t kicked in yet or it could be you have to scroll down like this scroll down to the bottom.

How to update your laptop

I have a lot down here when it’s over you could see something that says pending restart or restart now or there could be a button that says download but sometimes there will be a button down here prompting you to do something to make sure this process keeps moving forward right now they’re installing by themselves so it doesn’t have me do anything but at some point it may stall out it may get stuck or it may require a computer restart and it’ll prompt you for that down here or sometimes under status it will actually say pending restart instead of pending installed so keep an eye on those things like it’s okay to get this process started and then walk away do some other things and check back every now and then depending on the number of updates you had that this could take a very long time again with me in this situation with a fresh install of Windows this could take hours sometimes I’ve left computers on all night to get these updates in if I come back every now and then see if it’s asking you to restart see if it’s asking you to download more hit hit hit the button that says download more but as long as you check back every now and then you should be good these items down here are some quick links that you can use pause how to update your laptop for seven days if you’re gonna be heavy using this and can you don’t want the updates to kick in automatically whatever they feel like suck in all your processing power you could do that change active hours when you allow the updates to be run automatically if you update history.

you can see the previously installed updates and then Advanced Options down here that’s where you can set your auto updates to on or off if you want those to update automatically so just scrolling up top again for how to update your laptop they’re all pending install ones got to be installing somewhere there we go yeah so this one is still downloading it says a hundred percent so again this could take a very long time don’t don’t freak out if it does it if you’re convinced that it’s stuck our restart can’t hurt every now and then you’ll come down here to the restart and you’ll hit restart and you’ll hit power and it’ll site update and shutdown or update and restart you may see that sometimes too so yeah so this is basically everything that you would need to do to install all your updates this could happen over and over again if it gets stuck and you restart or if it tells you to restart and you restart bring your computer back up to the desktop put in your search bar again updates come back into this box and do the whole process all over again and then just keep rinse recycling and repeating that until all these updates are done and again it could take hours but at some point you should see no updates are available you hit the button up here that says search for updates it searches and it tells you you’re all set so that that’s what we’re going for if you’re told to make sure all your updates are processed in a first attempt to troubleshoot a problem so if this was helpful please like and share if you have any questions. how to update your laptop

how to update your laptop

If you got stuck in some place I haven’t already described or if you’ve been run all your updates and it hasn’t had the desired effect it hasn’t fixed whatever problem you’re hoping it did check out our frequently asked questions in the description that could help you with that save you some time if you don’t see your question there post it as a comment and we try to get back to you a couple times a day at least if we’re in the office we try to get back to you as often as possible so like and share if it was helpful feel free to subscribe if you enjoyed do-it-yourself ( DIY )repair and thank you so much for reading on blog “how to update your laptop”

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