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7 Tips To Improve the Writing & Create Valuable Content

Content writing everything you need to know

The Internet has changed the manner in which we devour content. Digital media, web pages, blogs and social networks have become the main source of information for people. According to the United States, advertising investment in digital media already exceeds traditional ones. In that sense, the writing of content for blogs and web pages is a relevant topic in companies.
For this reason, it is increasingly important that journalists and editors, in general, adapt to the new times and learn to write on the internet. That said, in this new entry on The Editor’s Web, we will give you some principles of writing content for the web.


Composing is without a doubt one of the most esteemed aptitudes in advanced showcasing. It gives brands a voice and enables them to compete more vigorously among the hundreds of blogs and articles that are generated every day. But finding the right words is not always an easy task. The content of a web page must be of sufficient quality and meaning, to attract readers and involve them in the story; which poses a challenging path for the writer.

1)Practice self-knowledge

As long as improve the writing is concern, Have you performed a SWOT analysis? It is usually used to study at the level of companies or institutions, but it is also applicable at the individual level. In fact, it is very convenient to do it to analyze those external and internal variables that enhance or detract from the quality of your work.

Let’s break down this tool:


What characteristics make you stand out from others? What are the areas of knowledge that you handle? What are the topics that you develop more easily? Do you speak a language other than the native one?


As long as improve the writing is concern, What paths can you travel thanks to your strengths? Is there a new project to use the skills and knowledge that you have not put into practice? What could you contribute to the website? For example, if you are a sagacious researcher, specialist in visualizations and graphics programs, you can discover that story that others do not see and generate captivating visual content and improve the writing.


What are the mistakes you often make? Do you need a more technical language and you don’t have it? Do you take too long to write?


do you have a large competition with highly qualified professionals? Are the readers of your market preferring content that your knowledge does not allow you to deliver?
By becoming aware of all these factors, you will not only be able to enhance your strengths, but you will also be more prepared to face your weaknesses and threats in time and seek the most appropriate solutions or strategies

2)Accept criticism and learn from your mistakes

For any copywriter, feedback is essential, whether with their editor, other writers or those who consume their content. As they say colloquially, two heads are better than one. You can be a marvel at writing, have all the experience in the world and receive countless compliments on your writing, but that is not synonymous with perfection. It is always possible to improve.

By this way, improve the writing, even if it costs, this implies having a well controlled ego. When it grows like foam, it becomes our worst advisor and does not reveal those mistakes that reduce the quality of work. It is important to look for those critical eyes that will help you build a better story and visualize your mistakes. Allow others to review what you are going to post, ask for opinions or suggestions. There are many talented people who can make a huge contribution. Don’t waste that opportunity.

3)Read, read and read

By this way, improve the writing, Being an avid reader is a basic condition for writing valuable articles. And the opportunities to read are quite wide. We have books, blog posts and specialized sites, newspapers, magazines, papers, ebooks, and much more. But the idea is to diversify what you read and consume more challenging pages. Exposure to a wide range of topics, styles, and degrees of complexity will not only increase your vocabulary, it will also fill you with ideas, teach you writing techniques, and maximize your reading comprehension.

But how do you make the most of what you read improve the writing?

  • Underline or highlight what you find interesting.
  • Analyze the way in which the writer moves from one idea to another and how he structures sentences.
  • Rescue those words you do not know and find out their meaning.
  • Relate different ideas from different texts and look for a common point. Maybe you will find the topic for your next article.
  • Research Take a phrase or significant fact and look for more information about it. It will help you expand your knowledge, understand and form a more specialized opinion.

4)Write frequently

Writing is learned by writing, there is no other way. As in many other areas of knowledge, practice makes perfect. And that doesn’t just refer to writing in front of a computer or mobile device. You can do it in a notebook or notebook and even have a whiteboard to write down the ideas that will shape your next text. Try to write every day, even if it’s a couple of paragraphs. Without realizing it, you will start writing faster and creating more valuable content.

Also, let’s understand that writing for a publication intended exclusively for paper is not the same as writing for the web. By the way, there are elements in common for both versions, such as spelling standards, originality and quality, but a digital article requires handling additional factors. For example, SEO and the correct use of keywords. It is something that is not learned overnight, but is controlled with experience.

5)Look for sources of inspiration

We already saw it, reading is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, but there are also other channels that will help you fill your brain with ideas to create valuable content in less time, without losing originality.

  • Study. Take courses, look for opportunities to learn new things. It is probably the longest way, but the final satisfaction will be priceless.
  • Attend specialized seminars or events.
  • Do content curation.
  • Gather your team to brainstorm.
  • Monitor trends by comparing search patterns related to your market. Some of the tools you can use are Google Trends, BuzzSumo, and Mention.
  • Look at social networks. Platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are a very interesting repository of information. Of course, you have to filter, but you can save hashtags to continually review them, join groups, and follow profiles that feed you with ideas.
  • Learn to analyze data. It is also a long road, but as we told you in Posted in, these are fertile ground for creating great stories.

6)Eliminate distractions

It is not always possible to completely isolate yourself from noise and interruptions, especially when working in teams and in busy offices. But there are elements that can be controlled.

  • Access to social networks. We told you that they serve as inspiration, but they are also one of the main distractions. As you write, forget about them. And if the temptation to visit them is very high, the Strict Workflow tool for Chrome will be a perfect ally to keep you focused.
  • Organize your tasks and time. Having an action plan with well-defined objectives benefits productivity.
  • If possible, silence your cell phone or turn it off.
  • Music is an excellent company. If it helps you create and stay focused, listen to it. Obviously with headphones so as not to disturb others.
  • Keep your desk tidy and leave everything you need for your work within reach.

7)Give your brain a break

There are times when our gray matter seems to be in cahoots against us. The ideas do not flow and the number of hours we spend on each article begins to increase more than the corresponding amount. Sometimes it is difficult, especially when working within a limited time frame, but it is necessary to rest. Otherwise, along with lowering productivity, we begin to act mechanically.
improve the writing? Transforming the content of a web page into a powerful and memorable piece requires seriousness and a lot of dedication. Reinvent yourself, increase your knowledge, always trust your abilities, but do not let the ego win you every time you are congratulated for what you do. If you work to grow as a professional, the quality of your content will do it with you.

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