online presence of business is called

online presence of business is called

In this blog, we tell you the online presence of business is called a digital garage.

How can you best use online presence for your company? How do you create a real, lasting connection with your customers so that they will come back to you later? And how do you stand out, now that everyone is online?!

  1. Tip 1: Think about how you can offer your service online
  2. Tip 2: Make sure you know where you want to go
  3. Tip 3: Keep contacts warm for when you can offer your service in real life again
  4. Tip 4: Take a good look at your visual identity
  5. Tip 5: Create FOMO

online presence of business is called

Tip 1: Think about how you can offer your service online

Maybe you own a shop or restaurant or a barbershop, and you really have no idea how to get your business online at all. In that case you are now stuck. I am convinced that every company can provide an online presence. And can be original and striking in that too.

Inspiration: How you can offer your service or product differently

Most restaurants have come up with something for takeout and/or delivery. Restaurants that were not yet at Thuisbezorgd or did not yet have an order website have now sold out en masse. But you can still be creative there too!
There are places where you only have to park along the sidewalk and where they hand you your food through the open car window. There are also restaurants that go the extra mile with their meal delivery, where you get your food complete with a bottle of wine and serving tips.
Sitting at the table in your best clothes, with a glass of wine, a 3-course menu and even with a specially composed Spotify playlist in the background. And then without that man who laughs too hard and that woman who has had too much to drink at the table next to you.

If, as a restaurant in a busy neighborhood in Amsterdam, you still haven’t done anything to serve your regular customers after 8 weeks, while your neighbor has come up with all kinds of fun promotions from day 1, well, is that only due to the corona crisis? ?

Every now and then I call David from Boer Erik’s marketing. The four of them had just spent months working on a platform to provide the catering industry with fresh ingredients, almost ready to go live… corona. So they converted their platform very quickly to deliver those products to individuals.
online presence of business is called Have I ever had a chance! They are growing very fast and I think they are doing very well with a start-up company. They cursed for 5 minutes and then turned the whole thing over. On a roll!

Cinemas are only allowed to allow 30 people in the hall, provided they keep 1.5 meters away? No! There are online channels such as where films can be watched from the comfort of your home, next week there will be an international film festival online on YouTube, and the drive-in cinemas are springing up like mushrooms. I look forward! Better than a chair kicker behind you.

Tip 2: Make sure you know where you want to go

online presence of business is called Make a strategy, write it down, look at it regularly, be inspired by it and sharpen it. Without a good basis, your (marketing) activities will be less successful. If there is no coherence or logic, then your readers will recognize less well what exactly you want to say, what your message is.

It can feel too much like a sales pitch for you and for them and nobody wants that. If you know what your basis is, that you really just want to help your readers as best as possible, and work that out in a strategy (how do I help them best, what do I contribute to make their lives better?) then it flows ‘marketing’ naturally follows. In my opinion, marketing is nothing more than getting your message across as well as possible.

Inspiration: How to create a long-term strategy

I can’t imagine that there are (clothing) stores that haven’t thought about a webshop yet. Shops that already had a webshop now suddenly have the time to pay a lot of attention to it and you see online shopping increasing.
The more people discover now how incredibly good your service and your offer is, the more people will continue to use it. And then you suddenly become a lot less dependent on those people who happen to stroll past your store on a weekday afternoon. Being less dependent on 1 group of people can be part of your strategy.
Coaches and trainers are slowly getting used to online. Where we used to mess around with Zoom or Skype and the camera didn’t work and when the sound was too soft again or the internet suddenly went out, we are now all technical miracles who are starting to see the benefits of online .
I have been a fan of online meetings for years. Not going back or forth in traffic, not having to look for where I need to be, always being on time, saving on travel costs, being in my own environment with slippers on, I like it! I can use the time that I save on traveling and standing in traffic!

online presence of business is called Several companies see the benefits of working from home! How you can continue this in the future can be part of your strategy.

Tip 3: Keep contacts warm for when you can offer your service again in real life

If you can’t see your customers face-to-face right now, that doesn’t mean you should disappear from their lives. Because otherwise someone else will take that place in their mind or memory. You know it: your local greengrocer is going on holiday for 3 weeks, you are forced to look for someone else. Then you are so satisfied with it that you keep going there.

If your greengrocer had come up with something to keep in touch with you during his vacation, he wouldn’t have lost you as a customer. Well that, but now on a large scale.

Think long presence of business is called This is really the time to present yourself on social media as an expert in your field. Share fun news, stay positive, make fun YouTube videos, be creative!

Inspiration: How to keep contacts warm

More and more hotels are devising ways to provide their rooms with someone who can enjoy them. There are hotels that rent out their rooms to people who prefer not to work at home with their husband or wife and children, but who are looking for a quiet place with their own toilet. Bet you’ll recommend that hotel, if you like it?
Just like the owner of, had you just rented a building in Utrecht when you had to close again? Big sigh. But, swear for a while and carry on. In these stressful times we also need care and relaxation. Even if only the houseplants and the cat are looking at your nails, it’s mainly for you to look good, right?
That is why the idea was quickly taken up to sell home care packages via the webshop and that online presence of business is called was a super strong idea, because they are flying over the counter! Think about how you can continue to combine your new services with your original plan.

Tip 4: Take a good look at your visual identity

All people see of you right now is online, so make sure it looks good. Is your corporate identity professional and your website credible? How are you doing on social media and is the content of your posts good?

There is also plenty to do offline. Is your business still closed? Don’t sit at home crying and watching Netflix, but paint your business in the colors of your logo, clean up, do a course, do everything you normally don’t have time for. See how much work you can come up with for yourself! And even if you make money with it, see it as an investment in your future. online presence of business is called Because then you will soon earn it back.

For example, if we can go out for dinner again later, people can only go to 1 restaurant at a time. Get them to yours.

Inspiration: What you can do right now if your physical store is “closed”

Bagel and Beans Oostpoort had a great time: “We worked hard on the refresh of our store. The floor has become beautiful and all the walls are being painted. We will continue to make it beautiful so that we are like new when we can open.”
The lockdown is an excellent opportunity for the employees of Madame Tussauds to give the images a good makeover before the opening of June 1. “The ladies’ hair has been in rollers for weeks”

Tip 5: Create FOMO

Have you always suffered from FOMO and did you like the fact that you can’t do anything at the moment and therefore have to do a lot less? Well, that’s over!

Inspiration: How to create an online offer that no one wants to miss

A birthday party via Zoom, an online pub quiz with your friends, Skype with your parents, online crafts with nephews and nieces, an online escape room, suddenly there is too much to do! And I’m also very impressed by those creative creatives! There are an enormous amount of online performances and concerts, old dance performances are broadcast, tours of an empty museum are given, there have never been so many podcasts. hello! I’m running out of time…
This is the new normal
Well, what an inspiring story, huh? Most entrepreneurs do not like to sit still. We always have to keep busy, right? We see it as a challenge, one of the many that you encounter as an entrepreneur. It’s just a big challenge, though. And online presence of business is called not everyone will work it out with their company. But if not, then again with a new idea. An idea that is also strong online and will survive the next crises.

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